Apfel Räuber Cider

Building a lifestyle brand for Generation Z.

190417_ARC_DOOH_Storyboard_Querformat_Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie 2.png

"Mit Äpfeln. Mit Bums.“

Straight to the point - a Cider does not need any more words to be described. Heineken Germanys „Apfel Räuber Cider“ has a wittingly different approach than other established Cider brands. Apfel Räuber Cider is for a young audience. The campaign’s look & feel is refreshingly different than the others out there and thus sets trends among the target group. Instead of perfection, self-staging and usual clichés, Apfel Räuber Cider is looking for quite the contrary: cheeky unadorned messages and intentionally imperfect visuals. Just how the target group of the early/mid 20s want to be addressed and see themselves